[ The Very First Time ]

Today is Wednesday, the 20th day of June in the year 2007.
I actually just follow my colleague daily morning routine, which is writing his blogs in http://www.wordpress.com.

So it all started with this feeling like I want to write something (kinda weird huh?) and after that I just said: “Ga, lu biasa nulis blog di mana?”

And I think that it’s gonna be good, since this would make me or force me to use my English more often (though it’s actually not :D).

Today I arrived at the office at 06.10 in the morning (thanks to that crazy bus driver 😛 Can you imagine, it took only 30 minutes from Depok to Sudirman (or even less!!)).

The first person I met this morning was Pak Achmad.. He was washing glasses in the pantry. So the very first santance of the day is “Pagi, Pak Achmad”. Thanks to Pak Achmad, I won’t have to be a “key person” (orang yang ngambil kunci dari ruang satpam) every time I by chance become the first comer of the day.

The first song I listened to this morning was a song sung by Mr. John Legend, “Ordinary People”. I think it was because of what happened last night. The song goes like this :

Girl im in love with you
This ain’t the honeymoon
Past the infatuation phase
Right in the thick of love
At times we get sick of love
It seems like we argue everyday

I know i misbehaved
And you made your mistakes
And we both got room left to grow
And though love sometimes hurts
I still put you first
And we’ll make this thing work
But I think we should take it slow

We’re just ordinary people
We don’t know which way to go
Cuz we’re ordinary people
Maybe we should take it slow
This time we’ll take it slow
This time we’ll take it slow

This ain’t a movie no
No fairy tale conclusion ya’ll
It gets more confusing everyday
Sometimes it’s heaven sent
We head back to hell again
We kiss and we make up on the way

I hang up you call
We rise and we fall
And we feel just like walking away
But as our love advances
We take second chances
Though it’s not a fantasy
I Still want you to stay

Take it slow
Maybe we’ll live and learn
Maybe we’ll crash and burn
Maybe you’ll stay, maybe you’ll leave,
maybe you’ll return
Maybe you’ll never find
Maybe we won’t survive
But maybe we’ll grow
You never know baby you and I

Hmm what else..
Oh yeah, today’s NAV of Schroder Dana Mantap Plus II is 1072.70, today’s NAV of Schroder Dana Obligasi Ekstra is 1033.40 and today’s NAV of Schroder Dana Istimewa is 2214.53


One thought on “[ The Very First Time ]

  1. … So the very first santance of the day is “Pagi, Pak Achmad”. …

    Aaah, another delivery channel for my mocking you. Heheh. Welcome to the blogosphere, Bleh!!

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